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Transformations of Myth through Time
by Joseph Campbell


Table of Contents

1. In the Beginning: Origins of Man and Myth

2. Where People Lived Legends: American Indian Myths

3. And We Washed Our Weapons in the Sea: Gods and Goddesses of the Neolithic Period

4. Pharaoh’s Rule: Egypt, the Exodus, and the Myth of Osiris

5. The Sacred Source: The Perennial Philosophy of the East

6. The Way to Enlightenment: Buddhism

7. From Id to Ego in the Orient: Kundalini Yoga, Part I

8. From Psychology to Spirituality: Kundalini Yoga, Part II

9. The Descent to Heaven: The Tibetan Book of the Dead

10. From Darkness to Light: The Mystery Religions of Ancient Greece

11. Where There Was No Path: Arthurian Legends and the Western Way

12. A Noble Heart: The Courtly Love of Tristan and Isolde

13. In Search of the Holy Grail: The Parzival Legend

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