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In All Her Names: Explorations
of the Feminine in Divinity
 edited by Joseph Campbell and Charles Muses


Table of Contents

"The Goddess of Nature and Spirituality," by Riane Eisler

Eisler addresses with clarity what a new knowledge of our past and a partnership model of spirituality as well as the dominator model of patriarchy might mean for our future.

"The 'Monstrous Venus' of Prehistory: Divina Creatrix," by Marija Gimbutas

Gimbutas gives a succinct account of Goddess based on archaeological evidence.

"The Mystery Number of the Goddess," by Joseph Campbell

Campbell's contribution (his last completed work) indicates "that devotion to the perennial Goddess was a deep facet of Joe's Campbell's own credo."

"The Ageless Way of Goddess: Divine Pregnancy and Higher Birth in Ancient Egypt and China," by Charles Muses

Muses explores the contemporary relevance of ancient Egyptian and Chinese traditions.

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