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 The Mystic Vision:
Papers from the Eranos Yearbooks: Vol. 6
 edited by Joseph Campbell


Table of Contents

Note: I have removed all scholarly apparatus from this table of contents, such as appendices, biographical notes, etc.

Editor's Foreword

Boris Vysheslawzeff: Two Ways of Redemption: Redemption as a Solution of the Tragic Contradiction [1936]

Wilhelm Koppers: On the Origin of the Mysteries in the Light of Ethnology and Indology [1944]

1. Introduction
2. Tribal Initiations and Secret Leagues among Primitive Peoples
3. The Tierra del Fuegians Throw New Light on the Subject
4. Our Question in the Light of Indological Research
Summation and Conclusion

Heinrich Zimmer: The Indian World Mother [1938]

Erwin Rousselle: Dragon and Mare, Figures of Primordial Chinese Mythology [1934]

1. The Dragon
2. The Mare

Ernesto Buonaiuti:Christ and St. Paul [1940]

-Christology and Ecclesiology in St. Paul [1941]
-Symbols and Rites in the Religious Life of Certain Monastic Orders [1934/1935]
.....1. The Symbols
.....2. The Rites
.....3. The Exercitia of St. Ignatius Loyola [1935]
.....4. Gnostic Initiation and Christian Antiquity [1935]

Gilles Quispel: Gnostic Man: The Doctrine of Basilides [1948]

1. Introduction
2. The Frame: Platonist Philosophy
3. Christian Influence
4. The Inspiration of the System: The Gnostic Experience

Henri-Charles Puech: The Concept of Redemption in Manichaeism [1936]

1. The Gnostic and Manichaean Notions of Redemption: The Problem of Evil in Manichaeism
2. The Theoretical Foundations of Redemption: The Cosmological and the Anthropological Myth,
3. The Realization and Practical Instruments of Redemption

Louis Massignon:

-Nature in Islamic Thought [1946]
-The Idea of the Spirit in Islam [1945]

Jean De Menasce: The Experience o f the Spirit in Christian Mysticism [1945]

Friedrich Heiler: The Madonna as Religious Symbol [1934]

Erich Neumann: Mystical Man [1948]

Contents (C) 2006 James Baquet


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