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Baksheesh & Brahman:
Asian Journals, India
by Joseph Campbell


Table of Contents

Note: I have omitted some of the scholarly apparatus from this table of contents, such as Acknowledgements, the Index, etc.

Editor's Foreword


Chapter I: Travels with Swami

-New Delhi
-From New Delhi to Calcutta

Chapter II: Temples and Monuments

-Bangalore and Mysore
-Bombay and Aurangabad
-Bombay to Bangalore and Back

Chapter III: The Space-Platform

-Ahmedabad and New Delhi

Chapter IV: Dance Tour with Jean Erdman

-New Delhi
-New Delhi

Chapter V: A Guru and His Devotees

-Cochin and Trivanrum

Appendix A: Hinduism

Appendix B: Chronological Chart of Indian Art

Contents (C) 2006 James Baquet


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