Monday, December 31, 2007

Gathering up the threads of my life...
...scattered all over the globe...and all over the web... with several web presences and strong ties to four countries (China, the Philippines, Japan and the U.S.)...

Links...sometimes I'll direct you to my Journal, where I discuss a big event or a big issue at length...sometimes an album with pictures of places I've been...or maybe an essay on a religious or philosophical topic...

...but sometimes just a quick note here about what I've been up to, or a good quote I found, or "Hey, I'm coming to Japan" or "I'll be back in Shenzhen next week"... check here for updates on my webpages...and my life...peace...

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Off to Yangzhou

Hi, Everybody!

Well, it's a beautiful afternoon here in Shenzhen. I got on the Metro late this morning and traveled one stop to Central Walk Mall, where I met my assistant for a few minutes at Starbucks. I had lunch at Taco Bell Grande with a good friend, and now I'm back sipping a red bean creme frappuccino at Starbucks again. When I finish surfing on their wireless connection, I'll go over to Subway Sandwiches and pick up a large Veggie Delite to go; that'll be dinner at home. And after dinner? Maybe watch a few episodes of Scrubs on DVD (about 50 cents a disc from the local pirates). Or surf the web on somebody else's wireless.

Life in this part of the People's Republic of China is...[sigh] fine...

In two-and-a-half weeks I'll leave here for another side of paradise: My "new life" in a temple in Yangzhou. How did this come about? And what exactly is this job? And why am I leaving Lila? All of your questions will be answered in my latest journal entry. Please have a look at this:

Off to Yangzhou: How I got my New Job (May 16, 2007)

In a few days I'll tell you more about that May trip. For now, enjoy your day. I know I will!


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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wedding Festivities II

As previously posted, Lila and I got married on April 29 of this year. In this series of journal entries, I report on the ensuing week or so: the honeymoon and more parties. I hope you'll read them all, and look at Lila's picture albums.

The entries are:
"Off to Manila" (April 30) about our departure

The Bus to Baguio" (May 1) about our first day in "The City of Pines," including a meeting with a "true Filipino"

Doing Baguio" (May 2) about sightseeing and dining in Baguio

Finally, Diego!" (May 3) We finally catch up with the Bad Boy of Baguio

And Down We Go Again" (May 4) a mundane entry about our return to Manila

Wedding Party II" (May 5) about our party with Lila's family and friends in Metro Manila

Two Pilgrimages" (May 6) about my visit to national hero Dr. Jose Rizal's first gravesite, and Lila's visit to the largest mall in the Philippines

Party #3" (May 12) about a picnic and dinner after our return to Shenzhen

* * * * * * * *

Also be sure to see Lila's
albums (those in China will need a proxy)

See all of Lila's Baguio pics

See her pics
out the bus window

See all her pics of our
second wedding party

See her pics of our last day:
Paco Park and SM Mall of Asia

* * * * * * * *

We had a GREAT time! And we're still having a great time. Married over 12 weeks: and they said it wouldn't last!


Transferred Posts

Hi, everybody!

[For those of you who said "
Sign me up": This is the first post that will be "syndicated" to your mailbox. I'm anxious to see how it turns out--keeping everything crossed!]

Well, I had previously started a blog on It was one of the best-looking blogs I've ever had. But because my host country sporadically blocks entire blog sites en is blocked right now--I decided to move my blog onto my own site, which has never been blocked so far. (Cross everything again. And knock wood.)

This system I have come up with--a blog AND an HTML journal--means that I can "go back in time" and post things in their correct location, chronologically, in the journal; but the blog gives you the update.

So, the first thing I'm offering you is a couple of posts from late April, transferred here for all to see.

Threads on the Web," about the web pages I operate.

YAAAYYYYY!!!!...ugh... " about my pre-wedding jitters and influenza. (That was yucky.)

That's it! If this works the way it should, I'll be sending you some more links in an hour or so.

Here goes...

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Friday, July 20, 2007

The Boy is Back in Town

Howdy, Friends.

I'm back in Shenzhen for a month or so. I should be here til August 20th, except for a quick trip back to Yangzhou and a slightly longer trip out of the country--maybe Thailand? Starting Aug. 20 I'll be preparing for the new semester, and will probably stay 5 or 6 weeks--til the Oct. 1 holiday--before I get back to Shenzhen (unless I sneak home once to see my sweetie).

Hope to see you in the next month if you're SZ-based.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wedding Festivities I

Ahem...This post title has nothing to do with the previous one (Pain and Suffering)...quite the opposite!

A rather
long post back in the May Journal about our wedding, Part I of two. Enjoy!


Pain and Suffering

I posted a little thought piece in my July Journal, a consideration of two newsletters I received about pain and suffering. And Buddhism.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another birthday in a temple

Last year I spent my birthday in a temple (read about it here), and this year as well--but with a twist. The temple last year had NO internet connection; I now have internet in my room! So I have spent my birthday creating this blog, and revamping my entire "web presence." I'll share details of that later.

Why should I have internet here? Because, unlike last year's one-week stay, this year I'm going to stay for a while. I have been employed at Da Ming Temple in Yangzhou to teach Buddhism in English in the Jian Zhen (Buddhist) Academy. It means leaving my wife and friends behind in Shenzhen, but only for a while. I'll be back often (this weekend, in fact, for a month) and in a few years Lila and I will have enough money to buy a house in the Philippines (religion pays well)...

So, as the note above says, check here for updates on my webpages...and my life!