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Dear Friends,

I'm sure it's no news to you: A picture is worth a thousand words.  Somewhere between mere words and the experience itself, a picture can bring you closer to sharing the deepest inner encounters.  I hope you will enjoy my efforts to take you where I have been.  (Pictures are listed in reverse order, that is, the most-recently added are listed first.)




My first "original" picture for this site!


In Development


This section of the site is largely undeveloped.  Until this changes, let me just put up a link to another gallery I have posted on line.  It's called Buckets of Light, and has two sections: Sacred Sights (which will eventually be relocated here) and One Good Shot.  Surprisingly, although Realize! is a "spiritual" site, I think the some of the pictures in One Good Shot say more about the mission of Realize! : an exploration of what makes us human.  These include pictures of  Robert Urich; my B-F-I-J ("Best Friend in Japan") Reiko; and my pal and his son, Mike and James.

There will be much more in the future!


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