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Sake & Satori:
Asian Journals, Japan
by Joseph Campbell


Table of Contents

Note: I have omitted some of the scholarly apparatus from this table of contents, such as Acknowledgements, the Index, etc.

Editor's Foreword

Chapter I: The Buddha Land

-Ceylon, Thailand, and Cambodia
-Burma, Hong Kong, and Formosa

Chapter II: The Realm of the Senses

-Tokyo, Japan

Chapter III: From Sake to Satori

-Tokyo and Kyoto

Chapter IV: An American Buddhist in Kyoto

Chapter V: Unimpeded

-Kyoto and Nara

Chapter VI: Tea and Fire

Chapter VII: Surprises and Transformations

Chapter VIII: A Vast and Difficult Question

Chapter IX: Temple Treasures

Chapter X: At the Seventh Step

Chapter XI: Baksheesh Revisited

Chapter XII: Penelope Returns

-Kyoto, Yamada, Tokyo, and Hokkaido

Chapter XIII: Closing the Circle

-Tokyo, Hawai'i, California, New York

Appendix A: An Overview of the History of Buddhism in Japan

Appendix B: The Nature Way: Shinto and Buddhism in Japan

Contents (C) 2006 James Baquet


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