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Joseph Campbell and
the Power of Myth:
Video and Audio Versions
by Joseph Campbell with Bill Moyers

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From the Back Cover:

An exhilarating journey into the mind and spirit of a remarkable man, a legendary teacher, and a masterful storyteller, conducted by TV journalist Bill Moyers in the acclaimed PBS series.


Table of Contents

Disc 1, Track 1 The Hero's Adventure

The heroes of all time; Bill Moyers introduction ("We dance."); The hero with a thousand faces; Initiation ritual; Celtic myths; Vietnam War; Prometheus -- The fire theft; Monster slaying; Moses -- Buddha -- Christ; Mohammed; Transformation of consciousness; Campbell's childhood heroes; Mythology of the dragon; Carl Gustav Jung; The soul's high adventure; A quiet place in yourself; What is consciousness?; Chartres Cathedral; A mythology of the planet

Disc 1, Track 2 The Message of the Myth

Creation stories; Bill Moyers introduction (Commonality of myth); Why myth?; An experience of being alive; About God; Shiva cave at Elephanta; The Garden of Paradise; Creation myths; The divine presence; The one forbidden thing; Burmese snake priestess; Woman the temptress; Eternity; The bodhisattva; James Joyce; Samurai story; Metaphor; The Thomas Gospel and Buddhism; The Upanishads; Vices and virtues; Star Wars; Eisenhower and computer; Functions of myth; A story of Indra; Sat Chit Ananda

Disc 1, Track 3 The First Storytellers

Animals and hunters; Bill Moyers introduction (Animals; cracking the nut); What our souls owe to ancient myth; Myths that have helped Campbell in his life; Early mythological thinking; Pre-historic gravesites; The hunters; The bear sacrifice of the Ainu; The Pacific Northwest; The story of the Buffalo's Wife; The slaughter of the buffalo; The caves of Lascaux; Chartres Cathedral; The initiation of boys into the hunt; Australian aboriginal rites; The Pygmies' initiation rites; Female rites; A society without mythology; Transforming myths; Artists and writers keep the myth alive; The shamans; Bushmen in trance; Black Elk speaks

Disc 2, Track 1 Sacrifice and Bliss

Chief Seattle's speech; Bill Moyers introduction; A sacred place; The Bushmen -- hunters and gatherers; From hunting to planting; An Algonquin story; A Polynesian story; New Guinea ritual ; The sacrifice of the mass; The two trees in the Garden; The sacrificial ballgame of the Mayan; The Iroquois sacrifice; The Jesus dance; The lord of death is the lord of sex; The head hunt of Indonesia; Schopenhauer -- the sacrifice of oneself for the other; The sacrifice of motherhood; Marriage -- sacrifice to the relationship; About death; The message of the myth; Sir Gawain and the Green Knight; Nietzsche -- The three transformations of the spirit; To follow your bliss; The wheel of fortune; Sat Chit Ananda

Disc 2, Track 2: Love and the Goddess

Courtly love; Bill Moyers introduction ; The troubadors; Love as Eros; Agape -- Christian love; Traditional marriage; Tristan and Isolde; Libido over credo; The Holy Grail; God is love; Satan's fall; Love your enemies; Tibet; Abelard; The Goddess; The Mother Goddess; A Vedic story; Our mother; Warrior Gods; The Virgin Mother; Kundalini; Isis and Osiris; Madonna and child; Male and female -- yin and yang; The inner reaches of outer space

Disc 2, Track 3 Masks of Eternity

The nature of God; Bill Moyers introduction ; Participation in divinity; The experience of being alive; In the East gods are elemental; About Jesus; Do you believe in a personal God?; What is religion?; Jung -- the circle; The pollen path of the Navajo; Tibetan sand mandala; Archetypes of the unconscious; Elementary ideas; The Trickster; The image of God is your basic obstruction; Maslow -- peak experience; Joyce -- epiphanies; The sublime; The Buddhas -- peaceful and wrathful; The experience of the eternal; Schopenhauer -- The composed order of life; Follow your bliss; Shiva -- lord of the dance; Metaphors; AUM

Contents (C) 2006 James Baquet


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