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The Masks of God
(an overview)
by Joseph Campbell


Campbell's masterpiece, in four volumes.

From the back cover:

Through THE POWER OF MYTH, with Bill Moyers, Joseph Campbell reached an audience of millions, passing on the rich legacy and excitement of a lifetime spent studying world mythology.  THE MASKS OF GOD is one of his masterworks.  Upon completing it, he wrote: "Its main result for me has been the confirmation of a thought I have long and faithfully entertained: of the unity of the race of man, not only in its biology, but also in its spiritual history, which has everywhere unfolded in the manner of a single symphony, with its themes announced, developed, amplified and turned about, distorted, reasserted, and today, in a grand fortissimo of all sections sounding together, irresistibly advancing to some kind of mighty climax, out of which the next great movement will emerge."

The four volumes (blurbs from the back covers):

Primitive Mythology: The primitive roots of the mythology of the world are examined in light of the most recent discoveries in archaeology, anthropology, and psychology.

Oriental Mythology: An exploration of Eastern mythology as it developed into the distinctive religions of Egypt, India, China, and Japan.

Occidental Mythology: A systematic and fascinating comparison of the themes that underlie the art, worship, and literature of the western world.

Creative Mythology: The whole inner story of modern culture, spanning our entire philosophical, spiritual, and artistic history since the Dark Ages and treating modern man's unique position as the creator of his own mythology.

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