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 Myths, Dreams, and Religion:
Eleven Visions of Connection
 edited by Joseph Campbell


Table of Contents


-Western Mythology: Its Dissolution and Transformation by Alan W. Watts

-Orestes: Myth and Dream as Catharsis by David L. Miller

-Myth and Dream in Hebrew Scripture by John F. Priest

-Myth and Dream in Christian Scripture by Amos N. Wilder

-Daphne, or Metamorphosis by Norman O. Brown

-Myth, Dream, and Imagination by Stanley Romaine Hopper

-Mythological Themes in Creative Literature and Art by Joseph Campbell

-Waking Dream and Living Myth by Ira Progoff

-Psychotherapy and the Daimonic by Rollo May

-Dream, Myth, and Philosophical Double Vision by Owen Barfield

-Myth, Dream, and the Vocation of Contemporary Philosophy by Richard A. Underwood

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