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The King and the Corpse:
Tales of the Soul's Conquest of Evil
by Heinrich Zimmer; edited by Joseph Campbell


Table of Contents

Note: I have omitted some of the scholarly apparatus from this table of contents, such as Acknowledgements, the Index, etc.

-Editor's Foreword

-The Dilettante among Symbols


-Abu Kasem's Slippers

-A Pagan Hero and a Christian Saint

-Four Romances from the Cycle of King Arthur

I. Gawain and the Green Knight
II. The Knight with the Lion
III. Lancelot
IV. Merlin

-The King and the Corpse


-Four Episodes from the Romance of the Goddess

I. The Involuntary Creation
II. The Involuntary Marriage
III. The Voluntary Death
IV. Shiva Mad

-On the Sipra Shore

Contents (C) 2006 James Baquet


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