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 Man and Transformation:
Papers from the Eranos Yearbooks: Vol. 5
 edited by Joseph Campbell


Table of Contents

Note: I have removed all scholarly apparatus from this table of contents, such as appendices, biographical notes, etc.

Editor's Foreword

Mircea Eliade: Mystery and Spiritual Regeneration in Extra-European Religions [1954]

1. Australian Cosmology and Mythology
2. The Karadjeri Initiation
3. Mystery and Initiation
4. "Men's Societies" and Secret Societies
5. The Initiatic Meaning of Suffering
6. The "Mysteries of the Woman"
7. Secret Feminine Societies
8. Engulfment by a Monster
9. The Symbolism of Initiatic Death

Fritz Meier: The Transformation of Man in Mystical Islam [1954]

Henry Corbin: Divine Epiphany and Spiritual Birth in Ismailian Gnosis [1954]

1. The Metamorphoses of Theophanic Visions
2. Ebionite and Ismailian Adamology
3. Hierarchies and Cycles: The Fundamental Angelology of Ismailism
4. Imamology and Docetism
5. The Eternal Imam
6. The "Quest" of the Imam

Paul Tillich: The Importance of New Being for Christian Theology [1954]

Daisetz T. Suzuki: The Awakening of a New Consciousness in Zen [1954]

Ernst Benz: Theogony and the Transformation of Man in Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling [1954]

Lancelot Law Whyte: The Growth of Ideas [1954]

Jean Danielou: The Dove and the Darkness in Ancient Byzantine Mysticism [1954]

1. The Wings of the Dove
2. A Philosophy of Change
3. The Dove and the Darkness

Adolf Portmann: Metamorphosis in Animals: The Transformations of the Individual and the Type [1954]

Heinrich Zimmer: Death and Rebirth in the Light of India [1939]

G. Van Der Leeuw: Immortality [1950]

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