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 Spiritual Disciplines:
Papers from the Eranos Yearbooks: Vol. 4
 edited by Joseph Campbell


Table of Contents

Note: I have removed all scholarly apparatus from this table of contents, such as appendices, biographical notes, etc.

Editor's Foreword

Encounters At Ascona, by Mircea Eliade

Heinrich Zimmer: On the Significance of the Indian Tantric Yoga [1933]

Erwin Rousselle: Spiritual Guidance in Contemporary Taoism [1933]

1. Ju She: Initiation
2. Nei Ching T'u: 'The Table of the Inner Warp'
3. Hsiu Shen: Individuation

Theodor-Wilhelm Danzel: The Psychology of Ancient Mexican Symbolism [1937]

John Layard: The Malekulan Journey of the Dead [1937]

1. Introduction
2. The Journey of the Dead
3. The Labyrinth Motive in the Journey of the Dead: Sand-tracings in South West Bay

C. Kerenyi: Man and Mask [1948]

Martin Buber: Symbolic and Sacramental Existence in Judaism [1934]

Friedrich Heiler: Contemplation in Christian Mysticism [1933]

1. The History of Christian Contemplation
2. Contemplation in the Mysticism of the Christian Community
3. Contemplation Among the Great Individual Mystics

Max Pulver: The Experience of Light in the Gospel of St. John, in the 'Corpus hermeticum,' in Gnosticism, and in the Eastern Church [1943]

1. Light in the Gospel of St. John
2. Light in the 'Corpus hermeticum'
3. The Light in Gnosticism
4. The Experience of Light in the Christian East

Fritz Meier: The Spiritual Man in the Persian Poet 'Attar [1945]

Rudolf Bernoulli: Spiritual Development as Reflected in Alchemy and Related Disciplines [1935]

1. The Basic Elements of Alchemy
2. The System of Alchemy in Its Pictorial Representation

C. G. Jung: Dream Symbols of the Individuation Process [1935]

1. Introduction
2. The Initial Dreams
3. The Symbolism of the Mandala
4. The Vision of the World Clock

M. C. Cammerloher: The Position of Art in the Psychology of Our Time [1934]

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