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 Man and Time:
Papers from the Eranos Yearbooks: Vol. 3
 edited by Joseph Campbell


Table of Contents

Note: I have removed all scholarly apparatus from this table of contents, such as appendices, biographical notes, etc.

Editor's Foreword

The Time Of Eranos, by Henry Corbin

Erich Neumann: Art and Time [1951]

Henri-Charles Puech: Gnosis and Time [1951]

Gilles Quispel: Time and History to Patristic Christianity [1951]

Louis Massignon: Time in Islamic Thought [1951]

Henry Corbin: Cyclical Time in Mazdaism and Ismailism [1951]

1. Cyclical Time In Mazdaism : The Ages of the World in Zoroastrian Mazdaism

-The Absolute Time of Zervanism
-Dramaturgical Alterations
-Time as a Personal Archetype

2. Cyclical Time In Ismailism: Absolute Time and Limited Time in the Ismaili Cosmology

-The Periods and Cycles of Mythohistory
-Resurrection as the Horizon of the Time of 'Combat for the Angel'

Mircea Eliade: Time and Eternity in Indian Thought [1951]

-The Function of the Myths
-Indian Myths of Time
-The Doctrine of the Yugas
-Cosmic Time and History
-The 'Terror of Time'
-Indian Symbolism of the Abolition of Time
-The 'Broken Egg'
-The Philosophy of Time in Buddhism
-Images and Paradoxes
-Techniques of Escape from Time

C. G. Jung: On Synchronicity [1951]

Hellmut Wilhelm: The Concept of Time in the Book of Changes [1951]

Helmuth Plessner: On the Relation of Time to Death [1951]

Max Knoll: Transformations of Science in Our Age [1951]

1. Growing Awareness Of Typical Pairs Of Aspects In Physics, Psychology, And Other Sciences: 

A. Nature of the Human Perceptive Faculty: Complementarity of the Perceptive Function and of the 'Observable' World
B. Perceptive Functions Necessary for Physicists
C. Pairs of Aspects in Physical Knowledge
D. Pairs of Aspects in the Description of Macroscopic Events
E. Complementary Pairs of Aspects in the Description of a Single Atom
F. Analogous Pairs of Aspects in Physics and Psychology
G. Further Pairs of Aspects in Various Sciences and in Ancient and Modern Philosophy

2. Astrobiological, Astropsychologigal, And Physical Time 

A. Physical Effects of Solar Radiations
B. Some Astrobiological Phenomena
C. Reports and Hypotheses on the Induction of Typical Behavior Patterns by Meteorological Factors
D. Traces of Astrobiological Time in Ancient Civilizations

Adolf Portmann: Time in the Life of the Organism [1951]

G. Van Der Leeuw: Primordial Time and Final Time [1949]

-Primordial Time
-Final Time

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