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 The Mysteries:
Papers from the Eranos Yearbooks: Vol. 2
 edited by Joseph Campbell


Table of Contents

Note: I have removed all scholarly apparatus from this table of contents, such as appendices, biographical notes, etc.

Editor's Foreword

A Note On Eranos , by Olga Froebe-Kapteyn

Paul Masson-Oursel

1. The Indian Theories of Redemption in the Frame of the Religions of Salvation
2. The Doctrine of Grace in the Religious Thought of India [both 1936]

Walter F. Otto: The Meaning of the Eleusinian Mysteries (1939]

C. Kerenyi: The Mysteries of the Kabeiroi [1944]

1. The Meaning of the Term 'Mysteria'
2. The Legend of the Foundation of the Shrine of the Kabeiroi near Thebes
Appendix: The Castello of Tegna

Walter Wili: The Orphic Mysteries and the Greek Spirit [1944]

1. The Orphic Mysteries
2. Orphism and the Greek Spirit

Paul Schmitt: The Ancient Mysteries in the Society of Their Time, Their Transformation and Most Recent Echoes [1944]

1. Eleusis: The Local Cult and Early Christianity
2. Serapis: The Universal Mystery Religion
3. Mysteries in Poetry

Georges Nagel: The "Mysteries" of Osiris in Ancient Egpt [1944]

Jean De Menasce: The Mysteries and the Religion of Iran [1944]

Fritz Meier: The Mystery of the Ka'ba: Symbol and Reality in Islamic Mysticism [1944]

Max Pulver: Jesus' Round Dance and Crucifixtion According to the Acts of St. John [1942]

Hans Leisegang: The Mystery of the Serpent [1939]

1. The Inscription
2. The Serpent and the Four Winds
3. The Worship of the Serpent
4. The Parallels

Julius Baum: Symbolic Representations of the Eucharist [1944]

1. The Symbolic Character of Early Christian Art
2. Representations of the Consecration
3. Representations of Communion
4. The Heavenly Banquet and Feasts of the Dead

C. G. Jung: Transformation Symbolism in the Mass [1941]

1. Introduction
2. The Sequence of the Rite of Transformation
3. A Parallel from Pagan Antiquity
4. The Psychology of the Mass

Hugo Rahner:  The Christian Mystery and the Pagan Mysteries [1944]

1. The History and Significance of the Comparison between the Christian Mystery and the Ancient Mysteries
2. The Mystery of the Cross
3. The Mystery of Baptism

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